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The Sacrament of the Eucharist

" Jesus said to them, I am telling you the truth: if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you will not have life in yourselves. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them to life on the last day." (John 6: 53-54)

In Holy Communion, we are eating the true body and drinking the blood of Jesus Christ, which was established by Jesus Christ Himself, with the state of grace, He established an intimate connection to our life through Christ body and blood, and become our daily bread. Whoever received The Sacrament the Holy Communion, we become brothers and sisters, we became more united in Christ, both through the graces we receive and through the change in our actions that those graces effect. Frequent Communion increases our love for God and for our neighbor, which expresses itself in action, which makes us more like Christ.

Guidelines on receiving the Holy Communion:

1. According to the law of Catholic Church, those who received Holy Communion can receive another Communion in another Eucharistic celebration during mass on the same day.


2. The recipient should understand if he/she had committed mortal sin, one must participate in the Sacrament of Confession first before one can receive Holy Communion.


3. In order to receive Communion, we must abstain from food or drink or alcoholic drink (except for water and medicine) for one hour beforehand. The elderly and the sick are exempted from this rule.

4. All who have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion should receive Communion at least once a year.

5. Communion for the dying and those in danger of death should receive Communion as the last rite.

Ways to receive Holy Communion:

Catholic in our parish can receive the Communion either on the tongue or in the hand. If the communicant is receiving body and blood of Christ, then the minister will place the intincted Host on the tongue of the communicant, the communicant may NOT receive the intincted Host by hand.

First Holy Communion for Children

Catholic who reached seven years of age, should attend Sunday School at their own parish in preparation for their first Holy Communion, before receiving their First Communion they should present themselves for Confession.  

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